How to create your first digital product in a fraction of the time

When thinking about creating digital products for the first time, many service-providers go directly to a large offering like a course. They spend a ton of time creating it only to launch to crickets.

What if you could create your first digital product in a fraction of the time? 

The answer is to think smaller.

Think about ONE problem that your potential customers face or a question you get from existing customers frequently
What is the solution to this problem?
How can you deliver the problem and solution package in a digital product? Short ebook, template, guide, quick audio or short video, etc.

Here are the benefits to this approach:

Its easier and quicker to create because the focus is on one problem and one solution
Its also easier for your customers to digest this information
A lower price point is an easier way for new customers to get to know, like and trust you
You can build upon the success of the product or pivot to another type of product if it fails
And if the product flops, you didnt invest a ton of time or resources into the development

Smaller and low price does NOT mean low value. Your customers are still getting a solution to a specific problem theyre having.

So, what would a small digital product look like for you? Let me know in the comments!

Originally posted on LinkedIn.