Your First Digital Product

Your First Digital Product

Are you an established service provider who wants an additional income stream, to grow your impact without increasing 1:1 work or to experience more time freedom? Then tune in! On the show, I talk to business owners who have launched digital products and dig deep into how you can create, launch and market digital products, too.

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Latest Episodes

Growing as a business owner after a failed product

Growing as business owner after a failed product with Raina Willick

I don’t get many business owners who want to come on the show and share that their first product didn’t sell at all, but I am so glad that Raina Willick joined me to tell her story. Even though her first product failed from a sales perspective, she doesn’t consider it a failure.

Start here

Start here on the path to your digital product

There’s a lot that goes into creating a digital product, but a common question that people ask is, where do I even start? In this episode I’ll share five steps to get started – scope, topic, audience, result and timeframe.

Digital products can help you find your people

Digital products can help you find your people with Deanna Seymour

Deanna and I are all over the place today talking about her audio courses and private podcasts, how digital products can help you connect with people, how her teaching background has helped her as a product creator and figuring out exactly what you want and need as an online business owner.

Marketing your product with pillar content with Abby Herman

Marketing your product with pillar content with Abby Herman

We’re mixing it up today and instead of talking about Abby’s digital products, she came on the show to talk about all things marketing. From creating pillar content to getting in front of other people’s audiences, Abby answers all of my marketing questions!

Hey there, I’m Rene. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I’m a programmer turned digital product and marketing strategist.

I help maxed-out service providers create their first digital product so they can gain an additional income stream, grow their impact without increasing 1:1 work, and experience more time freedom.

Ready to learn more? Download my brainstorming guide and see how you can launch your product.

Rene Morozowich