You need an audience (a quick story about the band)

If you’ve been thinking about creating your first digital product, hopefully you’ve thought about who you could sell it to. In some way, shape or form, you need an audience of potential buyers. And it doesn’t hurt to have a product that people want to buy.

I want to share a great example of an organization that has an audience and a product and what we can learn.

My son recently started high school and marching band. The band takes a trip every spring, so there’s a LOT of fundraising involved.

The main fundraiser is the famous Hempfield band sub. (Or hoagie, if you’re from somewhere else.)

The band has this figured out. They hit all the marks and the subs basically sell themselves.

👉 The band as a whole advertises. On social media, on their website and via roadside stands. They tell people they have something to sell.
👉 The students advertise. They ask family, friends and neighbors if they want to buy. They reach outside of the network of people who already know and like the subs and ask for the sale.
👉 The product speaks for itself. The subs are made fresh with quality ingredients. They are consistently good over time. People know what they’re getting and they want to buy them.

So, as you’re planning out your digital product, make sure you also:
✅ Tell people you have something to sell (before you launch, after you launch, and again and again)
✅ Ask people for the sale
✅ Have a product that people want to buy (and if you’re not sure what they want to buy, ask them)

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Originally posted on LinkedIn.