Monetize something you’re already doing [with examples]

Creating a digital product (especially your first) can be daunting. All the planning, preparation, creating and execution. But even more than that, the marketing. Once you have a digital product, you have to sell 😱

Last week I talked about a few types of digital products, but it got me thinking… what if you could monetize something you’re already doing?

Let’s say you’re creating a podcast. What if you sold additional access for a monthly fee?

👉 Joe Casabona does this in How I Built It. At less than $5/month, you can subscribe to his podcast and get ad-free, extended episodes plus bonus and behind-the-scenes content.
👉 Jennifer Bourn does this as well in Seeking Satisfaction. She has an extra minutes membership for $15/month.

What if you’re writing a weekly newsletter? What if you had some additional content that’s for subscribers only?

👉 Kaitlyn Kessler has a regular Weekly Shift newsletter (free) and also a Week Ahead email (paid at $5/month).

What if you create templates and guides for your clients? Could you sell access to those?

👉 Heather Steele does this with The Marketing Forge. Templates start at $7 and I love how she bundles some of the related products together.

What kind of content are you currently creating? Leave a comment below with a link to your content and we’ll brainstorm ways you could monetize it.

Originally published on LinkedIn.