Debbie Campbell is the owner of Red Kite Creative, a web design and development agency servicing small businesses and WP Minder, a service built to provide ongoing hosting and maintenance for Red Kite clients. Debbie’s first product was a template – The Website Care Plan Welcome Packet.


Debbie and I met at The Recurring Revenue Retreat. During the conference, she shared the challenge of communicating to her clients how her care plans worked. Over the years, several clients misunderstood what was included in their plan, when and how to contact her and what additional services she offered.

Debbie created a document and a plan to review it with each client in the new year. The response from her clients was great!

We discussed the possibility of putting it up for sale to her peers to help them communicate clearly and set expectations with their own clients.

WP Care Plan Welcome Packet

Strategy & Process

Debbie went through several revisions of her template, getting feedback from trusted colleagues and mentors.

As she was working through revisions, we tested out various sales platforms. Debbie tried Gumroad and Lemon Squeezy, but found them limiting in terms of design and SEO. It was important to Debbie to be able to have greater control over the pages and content.

I was able to help Debbie:

  • Create a timeline and identify specific tasks she needed to complete
  • By checking in regularly to see how she was progressing with her plan
  • Vet various sales platforms
  • Test the entire process from start to finish and provide feedback
  • By supporting her during and after launch and answering any questions she had

I invited Debbie on the podcast to talk about her product and her experience. In this segment, she talks about getting feedback during the product creation process.


Because of her web design and development skills, Debbie ended up creating and launching a website just for her product at

She created Google Slides and Canva versions of The Website Care Plan Welcome Packet.

Debbie also built out the website with:

Debbie Campbell

My biggest concern before working with Rene was that I didn’t know how to get started. I had no idea whatsoever I was doing, and I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of the confusing parts without Rene! Now that I know what I’m doing it would be a lot easier to create another product.

– Debbie Campbell, Red Kite Creative

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